Linksys N900 Review

Ok, if you are reading this, then I apologize. In my previous blog, Netgear N750 Review, I told you that normally don’t review non-photography products, and yet here we are. Ok, so after about a week with the Netgear, and a few phone calls to tech support later. I decided that I would try the Linksys N900 wireless router instead. It ranked number 3 on my list of routers, but I was remaining optimistic that it would be a winner and thus I am sharing my review entitled Linksys N900 Review with you.

The Linksys N900 aka 4500 is another smart Wi-Fi Wireless router, on the market currently. Some of its features include:

Maximum Wireless Speed with transfer rates up to 450 + 450

Superior Wireless Coverage with full 3 x 3 MIMO antenna array.

The Power of Dual-Band (2.4 and 5GHz) like most of them out today.

Benefits of Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000) ports, which only works internally if the rest of your network is at a Gigabit.

Simple Tap Technology connect wireless devices, by simply pushing a button.

After making a few calls to Netgear and being told that I had to wait, because they released a product that had not been thoroughly tested and told to wait for the new firmware with not ETA. I decided that this was unacceptable and returned my router. After a few days, I received yet another box from Amazon and setup my new wireless router.

In the first day, I had a few complaints that consisted of:

First issue with the Linksys router was security. With the Linksys, you cannot hide your SSID. Now according to Linksys, hiding your SSID does nothing for security. Of course they are reading from a script and never heard of spoofing a MAC or IP addresses, which they claim never happens in the real world. Ya, and I’m the Pope! I read online that you can enable this feature by logging into the router via the “Cloud” and reversing the firmware, if you choose.

Less SSID’s to choose from. This was not a setback, but it was a nice feature of the Netgear. So, instead of having 4 SSID’s I have 2 SSID’s: ATT304 and ATT304-Guest. Guess which network is used for friends and family?

I hate to say this, but I could only really come up with 2 issues with this particular router. Of course your results may vary.

As I said, the Linksys wasn’t bad. Here are some features that I was pleased with:

The Parental controls does its job with the use of MAC address, not IP Address. What does this mean to you? You do not have to worry about blocking everyone on your network using DHCP. You can set a schedule for each device attached to your network. And it works, at 10PM the kids came in saying there was an issue with the Internet and I said no, it’s working fine; it must be your bed time.

The USB Storage works fine. Initially, I had a minor issue attaching a flash drive to the router, but after a call. I discovered that after formatting the flash drive, it worked great and I could finally share files without having to leave a computer running 24/7

All in all, I was pleased with the Linksys N900 router, it did what I wanted it to do and if I could hide my SSID’s. I would be doing cartwheels right now. But I’m pleased with my purchase. Oh, and did I mention that Linksys was $40 cheaper. Sweet!

I hope I have not bored you too much. I had a lot of fun writing this one like all of my blogs. I trust I have given you some valuable tips to think about, before planning your next purchase and save you a lot of headaches. Remember nothing is set in stone and there is not a perfect formula, so go out and have some fun.