Go Greyhound! Some Tips for Travel Photography

Last month I had the opportunity to do some traveling up to Oregon, during the holidays. Now, I know some of you think I’m insane, to travel during the holidays, but I wanted to kill two birds with one stone. So I thought why not take some pictures and enjoy some family time. Thus my blog titled, “Go Greyhound! Some tips for travel photography. By the way, it was cheaper to fly than to take the bus, go figure. Now for most photographers getting the opportunity to travel, while photographing is our dream. Most photographers you talk to enjoy traveling and obviously taking pictures. I know you think all photographers make thousands of dollars per shoot, but no we don’t. We pretty much work 24/7 and just hope to cover our rent.

Ok, so back to the subject. My main subject was to capture covered bridges, since Oregon boasts 450 bridges, in its prime; there are a few to photograph and you can even go on covered bridge tours ranging from St. Helens to Cottage Grove, Oregon. Although, I am told the number of covered bridges has dwindled down to 56. There are a few things that you need to think about, before jumping in the car and doing a road trip.

One of my favorite phrases: Location, location, location. It is very important like in real-estate. Try and figure out where you would like to go, what you would like to see, how much it will cost to get there, and where you will be staying. If you can stay with friends and family, awesome! The cheaper, the better! Also, if this is your first time photographing this type of item; it doesn’t hurt to do a little research. Check out how others have photographed this subject. What looked good, what didn’t and what caught your eye.

Bring a map. I know a lot of us have GPS’s in our vehicles, but I would recommend planning your trip on a map, before hoping in the car, because you allows you to see your route and find the locations closest to each other aka: saving some gas. **Note: Make sure the location is available to be photographed. ** In my last travels, there was a covered bridge that I found on my GPS, after driving for a couple of hours, I finally found the spot, but no bridge. I found out, it had been torn down years prior and I was a little disappointed, not to mention the time and fuel lost as well.

Take a snack. Chances are you will be traveling for some time. You can hit all the Mickey D’s in town, but let’s face it, that isn’t the healthiest choice and not very inexpensive as well. And be sure to bring some liquid too.

Be prepared, like a good scout. I don’t wish any issues with anyone, but prepare for them. This includes: a first aid kit, batteries, matches, toilet paper, hand wipes, flash light, and some paper money.

Expect the unexpected. Just because you have your heart set on taking a particular photograph do not pass the opportunity to snap a shot that you think looks, just because it was not part of your itinerary.

I hope I have not bored you too much. I had a lot of fun writing this one. I trust I have given you some valuable tips to think about, before planning your next shoot. It’s not all bad, just be clear and informative, it will save you a lot of headaches. Remember nothing is set in stone and there is not a perfect formula, so go out and have some fun.