The Secret Behind A Professional Headshot

Whether you are a corporate vip, a marketing director, or an amateur model, a proper headshot will give you that one-up on your competition.  A good photographer will use your best angle to your advantage with a professional perspective, professional equipment, and experience.   There are so many factors that go into a quality headshot that converts to a “Yes!” from hiring agents and casting directors.

We enjoy the work in building the perfect shot.  Some of the best tips include;

1) Have a laugh!  It is a proven fact that smiling images convert better in online sales.  Your headshotsshould not only include serious and business-like poses but also those sparkling and happy moments for the your less serious audiences.

2) Chin up!  Make sure to keep you chin up for proper angle.

3) Find you best side!  No ones face is perfectly symmetrical, and many of use subconsciously part our hair to distinguish our good side.  Headshots are a form of portraits, and our goal is to represent your face, in the best environment possible.