Blogging Tips from a San Diego Photographer

I know this may be off topic here for photography, but I thought that it would be a good idea for people looking to take advantage of social media such as: blogging and search engine optimization or SEO, as some people like to call it. I am not an expert by any means, but these are some tips that I have picked up from my friends at MyRoundRobin. My web-site was built, using WordPress, so note your results may vary.

1)      Pick a topic to write about. I recommend keeping a running list of topics that pop into your head.

2)      While writing your blog, make sure to include external links to your or other websites. You can link to such companies as: NikonAdobe, or RKS Photography. This will help your readers check out other links as well as educate themselves.

3)      Make sure to make your blog interesting. No one wants to read a boring blog and they will be sure to let you know.

4)      Remember who you are blogging too or as I like to call it remember your audience.  Many times people tend to talk over peoples head; I don’t think it is done on purpose, but perhaps rather to sound more intelligent or believable. Whatever the case, keep in mind that more than likely there is going to be a wide variety of people reading your blogs.

5)      Another item to consider is SPAM, not the favorite food in Hawaii. Most people only associate spam with e-Mail, but it definitely exists in the blogging world. It is annoying to control and sometime may get out of control at times. My suggestion is to approve all blogs being posted. Yes, this is going to create more work for you, but it will bring Spamming down to halt. Plug-ins are basically a small software application that enhances a piece of software, web-site, or another tool used to protect against spammers, talk to you web administrator to see what plug-ins are available. Captcha plug-ins are a nice idea; unfortunately; how many people can actually read them, not to mention understand the audio portion. These are those text boxes that you see from time to time that remind you of hieroglyphics and you must retype the work on a particular web-site. Do your homework and research it, after all it is your web-site.

I could go on and one with this topic, as I am sure you would like me to, but let’s save a little later. Well, I hope I have given you some valuable tips to think about. It’s not all bad, just be clear and informative, it will save you a lot of headaches. Remember nothing is set in stone and there is not perfect formula, so go out and have some fun.